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Teach yourself auditing


The purpose of these books is to provide “down to earth” guidance for managers and specialists in those organisations who are committed to improving their safety, health and environmental performance, but either are not sure where to start or who either cannot, or do not wish to employ consultants to do this for them.

The books are written in such a way that it is easy to dip in and out of the short chapters to refresh your memory, prior to or during an audit. A set of audit protocols covering 60 different aspects of environmental, health and safety management are provided in the Appendix. and an electronic copy of these protocols is available for download from the this website. The books contains practical administrative checklists which may be useful when planning and conducting an audit.

Auditor Training

​​Our auditor training is designed to be fun, interactive and practical. All courses will end with an real-life audit conducted  in your premises. 

Training focuses on auditor's behaviour to ensure that the audit is effective, accurate and does not upset the auditees. A unique aspect of our auditing process is the application of our "Convergence" process, which takes a myriad of non-compliances and merges them into a manageable number of  audit actions.

Training courses are intensive and usually last between 1 -3 days.



We will come to your site and sensitively carry out an audit to meet the audit scope that you request. We will identify gaps in your conformity with your local procedures and compliance with regulation and will report back to you our recommendations for improvements in a manageable number of management oriented actions. 

Our audit experience covers a wide range of organisations and technologies, including:


  • Automated packaging lines

  • Car dealerships

  • Chemical Plants

    • Continuous processes​

    • Batch Processes

  • Film manufacturing​

  • Construction sites

  • Gas transmission

  • Laboratories

  • Offices

  • Pharmaceutical factories

  • Steel works

  • Utility Companies


Safety, Health & Environmental auditing is one of our key strengths. Whether you are looking for a third party external audit of your management systems, compliance with applicable UK legislation, Process Safety audits, training of your own personnel in audit techniques, or an EHS Due Diligence audit, we can help you.


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