SHEEMS Emergency Management

Emergency training

What is SHEEMS?

The SHEEMS system is an emergency management system specifically designed to suit the needs of small & medium sized enterprises. It provides a management framework that will allow a competent management team to overcome the natural tendency to panic and get them quickly acting on the immediate priorities.

The Concept

SHEEMS is intended to allow  any meeting room to be converted into an Emergency Control Centre. There are two components to the design. The system is self contained kit containing:

  1. A series of A0 sized tear off logsheets.

  2. Laminated check cards for each of the emergency management team.

  3. Proforma for a "holding" press statement.

  4. Message recording & action pads

  5. Essential telephone lists

  6. Incident Controller's Hi-Vis jacket

  7. Tape / Blu-tack / Marker Pens for use with the logsheets

In the event of an emergency or crisis, the management team select the appropriate logsheets, stick them up on the walls and start filling in the blanks!

There is also a series of laminated cards which provide each of the management team with the key bullet points that they need to address, together with special message recording pads and telephone contact lists etc. 


When not required as an emergency control Centre

The second element of the design is the way in which all this information is packaged. Experience shows that major emergencies are thankfully very rare, and so this system is really an insurance policy that may never be needed. However, if it is needed it must be instantly available and up-to-date. To achieve this, all the materials are mounted in a large slim hand-made frame which is permanently mounted on the wall of the meeting room. Under normal usage, all the emergency materials are hidden from sight by a retractable projection screen which is used as the meeting rooms projection screen. In the event of an emergency, the projection screen is raised and all the emergency management materials are immediately available.

Emergency management in Schools

A version of the SHEEMS Emergency Management system is being developed specifically for use in schools. If you want to know more, contact us

  • It covers a broad range of potential emergencies (currently 8 scenarios)

  • It is designed to be instantly available.

  • It  functions even if there is a loss of power.

  • The logsheets are portable in the event of the chosen Control Centre being compromised by toxic gas or smoke

  • It continuously displays information to all members of the Emergency or Crisis Management Team.

  • It is relatively low cost

  • It is purposely designed to be simple and intuitive to minimise the need for regular refresher training.

  • When not in use it reverts to a standard projection screen and is a part of the permanent furnishing of the room.


SHEEMS is designed, hand-produced and sold by the Solway Consulting Group 


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